Up and Running!

I managed to get all the background info completed earlier than expected and this site is now ‘live’!

Feel free to read the pages,  watch out for me and Inca appearing in the video about Ataxia (What is Ataxia page)  at around 0.45.

I know it starts off talking about AVM (stroke)  but its explaining how the guy came up with the idea of starting the group ‘Living with Ataxia’.  You can find our site here:




3 thoughts on “Up and Running!

  1. Hi Kati, just having a look at your blog, Ive not been any further than here yet, Im going to have a look now.
    Well done.

  2. Hi Inca

    Welcome to the world of blogging, it’s great fun!

    I’m so impressed at you doing the laundry and all the other stuff like carrying buckets and doing the dusting! You’re a doggy in a million.

    Muttie went to the Dog Trust today but didn’t come home with a puppy. She wasn’t allowed to see the puppies until they’re vaccinated and they do a visit of the house and she’s still trying to persuade Paw anyhows.

    She got to see some older dogs though and happy to say she thinks their surroundings are lovely. They’re all in shared kennels and have access to the outdoors. She wanted to bring half of them home but thanksfully Paw said “NO!!”

    She then offered to be a volunteer dog walker but the woman at the Dog Trust said they already had a waiting list of 200!! Which is a great thing really.

    Milton x

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