It’s a Dog’s Life!! – Inca’s Blog

As its chucking it down and I can’t play in garden I thought I’d do a blog cos my page was so popular and I got more comments than mum!!

Luckily it wasn’t raining first thing this morning so managed to fit in my daily jog around the village then I guarded mum’s scooter while she went to fetch me some cocktail sausages from the shop!

I helped with laundry,  didnt have any pegs to carry today as it had started raining by time clothes had finished so they went in dryer instead,  will have dryer to empty later!

Had my photo taken with mum while we had a play and cuddle.

quick cuddle with mum!

What else can a doggy do on a rainy day!  Time to pester mum for some more games and treats me thinks!!  He he :O)

Woofs n Wags


One thought on “It’s a Dog’s Life!! – Inca’s Blog

  1. Hi Inca,
    Make sure mum gives you your easter egg.
    Hope you and youur mum enjoy your trip to see the ducks on Sunday at the nature park.
    Joan and Jet[cat]

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