My Mobility

Seems I spoke too soon about it getting milder!  It’s gone cold again,  glad I didn’t take the electric blanket off last time I changed the bedding.

I have been some research and found a unusual bag/tray thing for wheelchair users.  It might be good for my Lightwriter when I have it balanced on knees its difficult to type in sports chair. I have ordered one to have a look at at so I’ll do a review on it and recommend if I find it’s suitable for my needs.  It may not arrive until next week now with it been bank holidays today and monday.

I don’t like the big wheelchair trays or even half trays they tend to need arm rests to attach them to somehow and communication aid mounts screw and bolt onto the frame and tend to stick out slightly to one side.  On my Da Vinci chair this wont work cos of way the chair folds.

To fold my Da Vinci chair into a small car boot,  you just remove the wheels,

the back folds down on top of the seat canvas

and the leg/footplate part at front folds underneath it

I had this chair custom built for my brothers wedding, as I needed a manual chair that folded down smaller into car boots as my blue one takes up the whole back seat even with wheels removed as our boots weren’t tall/wide enough to accommodate it folded in half.  Plus people were car sharing to get to wedding reception which was quite some distance away from the church and staying over night everyone had luggage as well with them plus my wheelchair to fit in!

At my brothers wedding in April 2008

I had the chair done in Chrome with Tri-star wheels so I don’t keep trapping fingers  between spokes, when taking wheels on and off. The upholstery is Black suede and they also did the front bumpers (side of legs)  in matching suede for me – as they are usually like a black plastic just to protect frame as you drop chair down. (pull a chain underneath seat).

For wheeling in flatter more open areas like shopping centres I also use some Nu Drive Levers,  these help me with braking and slowing down on sloped kerbs as I was struggling with getting fingers to work quick enough when feeding rims through hands to slow down.

The Nu Drive levers easily fit onto a regular 24″  wheel

You fit the base first where you can see the three silver parts attaching to  inside rim of wheel.

Then fit the lever part on.  You can just remove the lever and leave the base in place if you just want to remove them temporarily eg to get under a table in a cafe etc.

For more details go to site:

I call this my ‘Travel chair’,  it was expensive but should last for years and has lifetime frame guarantee. It stays in my hall cupboard and I just use my old one for around the house as that doesn’t fold as small to fit neatly away anyway!

At home cos I don’t have  car or anyone to push me around (all hills around here)  I also have a mobility scooter to get me around the village for Inca’s walks and to the local shops for food.  I like to sit on regular chairs/sofa’s and not be in wheelchair all time so sometimes I just sit on walker seat and push myself backwards with feet to get from room to room.

I can use crutches for a short time,  but with vinyl flooring that I have for wheelchairs they tend to slip from under me easily.  I tend to use these away from home just to get from door into car (while someone is loading chair into boot for me) into family members houses, or in and out of pub toilets etc

I have to have someone walking at side of me as I’m not very stable walking outdoors on uneven surfaces and over door thresholds etc.  I have some folding ones that go in bag on back of my chair.

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