Inca’s Blog – Why dogs make best therapists!

Ok my turn to blog!

I think I’m the best therapist my mum ever had so my blog is to other doggies to tell you how to keep your humans going!

First thing you gotta do every morning is get them up.  Prodding the bum works, laying on them or shoving  your favourite teddy in their face.  You could also try fetching one of their smelly shoes or slippers then standing by the door!

Once your human is up you have to get them active,  fetch anything that might act as a hint that its time for walkies,  shoes,  lead,  ball etc.  You might have to wait until they wave there arms about in front of the TV (otherwise known as wii fit)  this is good for humans and keeps their arms and legs working so just lie back in amusement for a while on the sofa and have a chuckle!

When you do get out of the door make sure they haven’t forgot your frisbee,  ball or whatever you like to play with.  This is also good for their arms and fun for you too!

Exercise in the park

Other less energetic games can be good for you both too and can help your humans sitting skills and using their hands which are important for feeding us and giving us a stroke/tummy tickle.

This is a good one,  cos mum has to pick up the plastic bones and put them in the holes with treats underneath for me to get back out again.

Games like this encourage dexterity skills in you both and are fun to play!

I have a collection of interactive games now and they are great fun especially over the long winter months,  mum puts a different one in each room for me to go around and do like a little course.

On sunny days we make a little course in the garden too mixed with agility items and puzzles,  this is great fun!  It also requires your human to use alot of their skills and exercise to make up the courses for you then they can sit and rest in the sun while you have fun on your course!!  :O)

Don’t forget to remind them to feed you,  food is important for strength for you both!

Getting your dinner ready makes use of their hands and fingers,  if you get fresh things in your dinner like chicken and veg,  or dry mix can be sprinkled around the garden.  This is a good one for my mum as she sits on thing called a rollator and uses her legs to push herself backwards this gives her legs good exercise in garden as she isn’t very steady on her feet to walk far. She is also using her arms to throw my food mix to top end of garden (we got slope at back of our garden) and also fills my boxer ball which hangs from the rotary dryer.

At the end of the day its nice to snuggle up with mum and let her type your blog cos its good exercise for her hands while you have a nice long snooze!

Woof n Wags

4 thoughts on “Inca’s Blog – Why dogs make best therapists!

  1. I love the games. Hannah would fetch but not give whatever she fetched up. Mind you she was good at agility. Inca you would have loved the dog-jamboree we went to. Both Hannah and Alice earned rosettes for agility. Alice would take anything and run off. Archie would stand and stare as if to say ‘what a waste of energy. You could teach them Inca. You are clever.
    Exercise is good for you and your human.Keep it up.
    Big hug
    Hannah, Alice, Archie and not forgetting the human Carol

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