updated page

I have updated my page Proloquo2go and iPad with the latest screenshot released.

Please check it out,  it also has more information on it.

The ipad itself has built in screenreader and zoom so could be suitable for someone partially sighted as it also comes with a iBook library type app which allows you to download books,  and using the built in screenreader it will be able to read them to you also.

Screenreading programs by themselves can be very expensive, so to be able to buy an iPad with it built in for a little extra (for 16GB wi-fi only model) is an added bonus.  It has not been confirmed yet for UK prices but it is thought at least the 16GB wi-fi model will come in at under £500.  If you think that most Touchscreen communication aids with 8in screen and above cost in region of £4,000-£8,000 this is an amazing saving.

Even considering a person may go up to £1,000 with apps and accessories or buy an higher priced model you are still saving several thousand pounds.

If money is tight and you can manage to use a smaller screen (or prefer a smaller device) you can buy proloquo2go and an ipod touch for under £200.

For people with ataxia who struggle with small buttons and tiny touchscreen devices the iPad looks promising to be used also as a jumbo touchscreen tv remote as well as basic functions like a calendar,  you could sign up to sms by email and you then have a larger touchscreen keyboard than on a tiny phone.

Zentap is an app which includes word prediction and abbreviation expansion and ability to send text into email to speed up typing for those of us that use one finger or a thumb.

That’s all for now,  Inca says its time for her walk and its her turn next to blog!…

Watch this space 🙂

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