Inca’s blog – dog stuff to help disabled owners

I have had a happy life despite my mum becoming more disabled as I was growing up and its a shame there are many dogs without homes still that could have good lives and be a loyal companion to someone.

One of my mums difficulties is keeping grip on things and throwing so Frisbees and small balls are difficult.  We came across a toy on you tube that looks like a great idea.  It has thick enough handle and the ring can be loaded onto it easily using two hands or an hand and a foot.

You still do need enough range of motion in arms to lift them and do a throwing motion but the toy does make it easier to throw it further and pick it up.

If any kind of throwing is out you can buy ball launchers.

The remote one above is ideal if your carer can’t use their arms well enough to throw but could press a button.

If they have some throwing ability and you really like to play together with balls,  simple balls on elastic can go further if they hook the elastic around thumb and can hold ball back and let go.

Another useful thing when bending is difficult are raised feeders.

If you use dry food it is easier to put dry food in a plastic measuring jug and pour it into the dishes already placed in the feeders if carrying dish with food in is difficult.  My mum splits mine into portions so I get a bit in my bowl with meat/fish/veg and gravy and the rest goes into treat toys or scattered around the garden to find,  then its not all gone in a few gulps!

Another handy gadget if your mum or carer uses a wheelchair or trike etc. This is a bar that attaches to a bike frame so you can run alongside on your lead.

My mum just uses a regular lead on the power chair attached to the chair arm when I walk alongside her on pavement and she lets me off when I get in park.  We also use an extending lead for the scooter when sometimes mum has to go on the road and I have to stay on the pavement or grass verge (near busy roads).

Anyway speaking of walkies,  its time for mine now!

Be good for your mums!

Wags n Woofs

One thought on “Inca’s blog – dog stuff to help disabled owners

  1. Hi Inca,
    Hope your mum has taken you out for your walk!
    Those gadgets are ideal for you and mum they’ll keep you both fit.
    did you enjoy your easter egg?
    Hugs and pats

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