new screenshots Proloquo2Go on iPad

Whilst browsing I found a few new screenshots of Proloquo2go (P2G) on iPad.

You can make much larger grids this screenshot (below)  shows auto-conjugation of words for example as shown below if you press and hold down ‘are’ you can also choose am,  is,  was,  were,  will be,  being,  been depending on whether you sentence is on past,  present or future tense.

This saves you having to go through several pages to find the exact word.  For other verbs such as play for example if you press and hold you would also get played,  playing, will play etc. This eliminates the need to go to a seperate page for word endings.

You can also choose to just type it in via a qwerty keyboard (icons can also be removed from message window so only typing appears.

P2G doesn’t have word prediction as such but does have the basic word completion same as the iPhone.   However P2G is designed to be used by building up sentences via the core words grids.  You can remove icons and have words only but I have not found any screenshots of text only pages.

I plan to make my own when I get mine and will put them on here to show how the program can be customised.

The best part of the iPad is because it is a bigger screen you can have much bigger icons and still fit more on than you can on iphone

If you just need a basic type what you speak for the occasional sentence when someone doesn’t understand you,  you can buy ‘speak it’ from the app store for just over £1.

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