Inca’s Blog – Visiting my Ducks

Hi guys,  its your favourite cheeky pup!

Mum promised me a trip to see my favourite duckies once she had got her new batteries for ‘Betsa’,  as its quite a way for walking.

So yesterday morning we set off early, I always know when we are going to the big nature park as soon as we go past the bus terminal where mum usually lets me off for my afternoon stroll if thats as far as we are going.

As soon as we get past there I know we are going to see the ducks and I’m full steam ahead like a sled dog pulling mum and ‘Betsa’ along!!

We got there so early the ducks were still having their morning wash!!

lining up for their morning wash!

I thought I was seeing a row of headless ducks at first!!

I always enjoy coming down here there are lots of interesting smells because of the people that come around to walk their dogs and mum and I enjoy chugging around the path.  Mum likes to take pictures to see if she can get any that would make a good painting.

She got a great one of a goose in the reeds on other side of lake.

mum thinks this will make a nice watercolour painting

We saw an heron too but it landed right at other side of lake and its a huge lake,  we couldn’t get good enough detail,  but mum hopes to get a good pic of an heron one too day that would make a good watercolour too.  I’ll go with any excuse for visiting the ducks every sunday!!

These are the last pictures mum did from the park.

Me at lakeside

swan (in pastels)

When we got home we had my favourite breakfast of scrambled egg in my bowl then some sausage bits in my treat toy to fling about outside.  Today I chose with the puzzle dispenser I got for my birthday to have my sausage in!

"come out sausage.. you WILL be eaten!"

Anyway best let mum go on computer,  she is going to work out how to add slideshows to our blogs so I can show you lots of photo’s of my favourite ducks!!  :O)

Wags n Woofs

One thought on “Inca’s Blog – Visiting my Ducks

  1. Glad you both got to go to the nature park and saw so much.
    The goose in the reeds photo is a super one. To paint it would be a nice summer challenge for kati : )
    Take care.

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