New Contender on the market!

I found a new App for the iPad and it is a text based one WITH Word Prediction.

To get numbers you press where it says Numeric and get this screen.

and below is the ‘Editing View’

I like the fact it is crisp and clear,  its using a system I already use,  although It could be made potentially faster to communicate with by adding Abbreviation-expansion ability via the Textexpander Touch App.  This would make it the same system as my Lightwriter and Keystrokes (on Macs).

I have Textexpnder demo on my Mac as I used it before I got keystrokes so I’m now wondering if I could copy across my existing vocabulary into Textexpander Touch for (iPad)  which would then also work with iMean if it was made ‘Textexpander-integrated’

More details on Textexpander here:

I’m assuming it would also work with iPhone so people who still have enough fine motor skills to manage one (or iPod Touch) maybe able to use this on there also for an even cheaper alternative.

I have emailed the person who has also done their own blog and suggested Textexpander Touch integration, as I didn’t see a mention of it already been on.

I am thinking it would be particuarly useful for adults with an acquired loss of speech who are already literate and may prefer to just start spelling a word and have it predict and not want to have to remember whether a word is a verb or adjective etc to know where to find it.

I think if this App was compatible with Textexpander Touch so I could add my existing user dictionary to it (via copy and paste) and substantially cheaper than Proloquo2go I think I would be tempted to download this one first to try to see if it would meet my communication needs,  without having to spend another £110 on P2G after I had just forked out for an iPad!

Note:  I have had email back from designer of this App and he says the text-to-speech is not working on it yet, this program is currently available from iTunes for $5. He is looking into the Text-expander app so watch this space,  as this app has potential to make a great text based communication system for iPad.


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