Environmental Control on iPad

Here is another system I found on You Tube called ‘Control4’ it allows you to control lights,  thermostat,  tv etc all via iPad.

It shows later  (towards end of clip)  that you can customise buttons/fonts so they could be made larger which maybe also useful for people with co-ordination or sight difficulties.

This is another one I will be looking into,  whether its already available in UK,  price and what things can control compared with the Red Eye system which I would currently have to ship from US.


4 thoughts on “Environmental Control on iPad

  1. I use my IPAD as a communicator as well. I had a Mercury communicator, and it was a WASTE OF MONEY! The touch-screen was not sensitive enough for me to type at my speed. IPAD is great! I used SPEAK-IT on my IPHONE for over a year and loved it! Now, I am trying to find someone who will develop an IPAD application that will sing my song lyrics I have written. I am a poetess and a lyricist, and having a synthetic voice that can fluctuate pitch as it reads my work will be GREAT!

    • That’s cool. I know a young lady who has no speech who composes music on her Dynavox via a built in music composer program. She has sung in public with it and american national anthem at ball games. I think there maybe some programs available for PC to compose music and ‘sing’ but I don’t know about iPad apps. Maybe try searching under music or sing and see what comes up, maybe an app that could be developed further to do that you want?

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  3. We are students at the 1st CP of NJ in Belleville NJ. My name is Gigi and I love poetry. My friend is Jazzy. We both use the ipad in school and hope to use it in the future to assist us with environmental controls. Thank You for your info.

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