Not much to report yet.

I got email from Apple to say my items have been dispatched,  for some reason they are sending them out in three different packages (I got some accessories to go with iPad) so have to get Inca out early and get back from 9am to wait until 5pm to see which day they turn up.  Doesn’t give a date other than they are scheduled to arrive on or before Friday.

The weather has been so hot that I been taking Inca out early anyway otherwise its just too much for her jogging alongside scooter with all hills around here and then waiting until around7pm in evening for it to cool down to take her out again.  I find the heat really draining so after early starts all over weekend and the whole week to go yet I’m feeling a bit knackered!

We set off to nature park at 7am yesterday,  I was annoyed once I got there my camera didn’t work as I had just put new batteries in it so missed some good shots as loads of ducks/geese still on side of bank at that time.  Even one heron which I have trying to get a good shot of for ages!  It takes about hour and half if we don’t stop so managed to get back and have scrambled egg and sausage in garden before it got too hot.

Anyway must go for rest before I have to get up again to do Inca’s dinner and walk her.  Hopefully shortly after Friday there will be some new screenshots of Proloquo2go on iPad.


One thought on “waiting….

  1. OH shame about the camera Kati – new technology bah!! Hope it all works out when it eventually arrives. Patsy x

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