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It was mum’s birthday today so we had a pic taken,  well it went on for a while and she took quite a few!

The best part of the day for me was going to visit the ducks again,  I love to run around the lake.

Mum got some cute pics with some baby ducks and geese.  Here are some pics from our morning out.

family of ducks on log

Mr Heron looks majestic on his branch!

Mr & Mrs Goose with their twins!

'Hi guys, how ya doing? '

Me and my mum!

4 thoughts on “Inca’s Blog

  1. hi kati, how are u doing? how was your bday, happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what did u end up doing on your bday.? that 1 pics of you and inca, your haircut looks nice. Your camera takes really clear pics. happy bday again, have a great day. lori

  2. Hi Lori

    Thankyou! I had a good day thanks despite the fact it rained for most of it! We managed to get to nature park, got a bit wet getting home! Went for nice meal with family at lunchtime and got a few nice presents and some money.
    I’m planning to get the ‘Red Eye’ dongle thing you plug into iPad so you can use it as Infra red remote to work TV/DVD etc. I can make bigger buttons on my ipad then I think it maybe useful for people with Ataxia who struggle with tiny buttons on tv remotes etc, so will write a review after I tried it. I think its not available in UK until near end of June. KT X

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