Inca’s Blog – Laundry Day

OK,  It’s my turn to blog now!

I decided to tell you about my unique laundry skills!

Today mum washed the bedding so after helping her pull the bedding off and carrying a pillowcase or two to the washing machine it was time to get the washing out.

… put it in the basket

then I take the pegs out to the rotary dryer…

I usually take short cut straight across garden!

.. then wait for mum at the end with the pegs!

then I get my treat which varies,  sometimes its a big chew,  a chewy rawhide shoe, treatball with biscuits in or one of my interactive puzzles.

I can smell sausage under here!!...

Hope you enjoyed my pics!

7 thoughts on “Inca’s Blog – Laundry Day

  1. I trained her to help me around the house, she also comes and tells me when my textphone rings, doorbell and smoke alarm. She saved my life once at old flat when smoke alarm was in hall. I had closed door. The kitchen and lounge was ‘open plan’ and some oven gloves had fallen onto a ring I had left on after cooking dinner.
    As lounge door was shut (between kitchen and smoke alarm) the alarm didn’t go off, I had fallen asleep on sofa, Inca woke me up and barked looking anxiously into kitchen when I realised I could smell smoke, looked into kitchen to see the oven gloves had caught fire!!
    Inca was 8 months old at the time and had only had 4 months training from my dad and I. (she was 4 months old when I got her).

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