Trabasack update

I recently received a Trabasack Mini and Trabasack Mat from Duncan and Clare Edwards who make these.

The Trabasack Mini has been updated to include some improvements in the straps and the Trabasack Mat is a new product.

The Mat is just a waterproof Mat that can sit on top of the original Trabasack and can be useful as it is easy to wipe clean,  it could be used with child/adult who was messy eater,  for a child to colour on so they dont get crayon/pen marks on the actual bag.  I tried it whilst painting and using the Trabasack Mini to put my palette and water bowl on.

The Trabasack Mini itself has some improvements to the straps. The clips are a bit easier to use and the side straps are longer.  Also the D rings are sewn into the strap so they don’t slide about.

You can find more information about using it as a wheelchair tray here

I bought my first one to use purposefully in place of a mount for my communication aid,  but I have found myself using it for many other things around the house too,  it comes in very handy and is versatile in a variety of different situations.

The larger size of the original one makes it ideal for supporting laptops and external keyboards which are longer or for a bigger communication aid such as Dynavox.  The Connect surface enables you to attach things to it via velcro. (see pics below)

I think now I have both I will use the mini with travel chair as it will fit nicely on back of my Da Vinci chair just behind the rear bar and can be used as a bag to store Lightwriter/iPad in and then can be used as a tray if needed out as sometimes tables are difficult to get under with wheelchair particuarly if you are using an electric one.

Overall it is an excellent product that can also be used by non-wheelchair users or on childrens buggies.  If you are someone who needs some kind of communication aid but doesn’t like traditional wheelchair mounts/trays you may prefer something like this.

Personally,  I also find it supports my arms better having the device in that position rather than mounted at an angle in front of me where my forarms would be unsupported as I reached up,  making my movements more shaky. The original size gives more surface room to rest your arms at each side of your communication device if needed (if your device is smaller screened device/lightwriter size)

Here’s few more pics of me using my Trabasacks around the house.

making Inca's dinner..

as worksurface for external keyboard to use in bed with laptop (the keyboard is velcroed to the trabasack connect surface so I don't keep knocking it off)

... with a communication aid

T-shirts also available at the online shop...

Prices start at £34.95 for the Trabasack and Trabasack Minis’.

The Trabasack Mat is £7.95, and T-shirts £4.95, they also do ship internationally.  You can purchase Trabasack  here


8 thoughts on “Trabasack update

  1. Does the mat stitck to the velcro stuff on the Trabasack or just sit there?

    It’s looking better and better, pity about the price though – it was going to cost more than $150 to get one down here in Australia. For that amount, I’ll stick with sitting a messenger bag on my lap 😦


    • Hi Ricky we can mail you one by ‘International signed for’ between £17 and £28 depending on which one you want and if you would like any accessories. Please email me at I will charge the actual cost of the postage.

      Or you could try a NZ company who have them

      They may be able to mail one to you for less.

      If you have a favourite retailer in Oz, please let them know about Trabasack 😉 , we would love to have more sold there, and could ship in bulk to them. We love Australians, great pioneers of new ideas!

      Best wishes


  2. it doesnt stick to it no.

    I’ll ask if they have any contacts in australia, I think some places in US sells them too and sure they have mentioned china or something before. Maybe it be cheaper to get one sent from a different country other than UK? I’ll try find out for you. KT

  3. Your blog in a wealth of information for the parent and people seeking communication devices. I love your courage too! Thanks for the information. If I get apps that are free and compatable with your device do you want them?

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