Exclusive.. New communication app coming for literate adults

I spotted a vide of this posted on Assistive Communication site just a few hours ago,  so played the video on my iPad so I could get some screenshots of this particular part.

The app is called Touch Chat Suite by the Saltillo Corporation. They make a communication aid which was based on a windows PDA,  they have now seen the light. so to speak.. and relaised the potential of the iPad/iPhone and the app store.

Basically in the Touch chat suite you will be able to download the appropriate program for your needs and for the first time,  here is a company that has one specifically designed for adults who are already fully literate but have lost speech in later life.

This app will be called iEssence and I think is based on the new Essence communication aid by Prentke Romich who are famous for their Minspeak systems. The Essence however,  is aimed at adults who have lost speech but not their ability to read.

The screenshots only show it on the iPhone at the moment,  but I’m expecting it will also work on the iPad and therefor some of the buttons will be bigger (in x2 mode)  or there will be more buttons available on-screen in the iPad version.

This app is due late November according to the Assistive Technology site,  I’m not sure if iEssence will be part of the initial package available or an additional pack that you download, or won’t  be available until a later date.

However it does look promising for adults with acquired speech loss and may work out cheaper as you wouldn’t need to have on all the symbol based stuff too that you don’t need. There is no information on the pricing as yet.

Here’s some first screenshots:

You Tube preview:

Info about iEssence starts at around 08.48 (first screensot of it shown) the Touchchat suite also features wordpower.  wordpower with phrases and a simpler Touchchat interface for younger children – also featured in this video.


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