Another promising app

This app looks interesting,  its being created by some students in MIchigan and allows you to use the whole screen as a button whilst the app scans a keyboard.

The letters are in order of most frequent letters in most words to speed up the process, when it gets to row you want you press anywhere on the screen then it will highlight each key in turn going across,  press anywhere again when it gets onto letter you want.

This would be really handy especially on iPhone and iPod Touch where the whole screen area then becomes the ‘button’ instead of having to try and hit the tiny qwerty keys.

It can also be used to compose SMS messages (for iPhone)

Here is the video on You Tube (subtitled) showing it working:

Although it seems to have originally designed for patients with Cerebral Palsy it would benefit anyone with motor co-ordination difficulties who would like to be able to use an iPhone or iTouch.

It would be good if this could be transferred to be used in other apps such as Proloquo2go particularly once they add the word prediction to the keyboard.  Although I would manage this fine on the iPad version it would be difficult on the iPhone but been able to use the whole screen as the button to stop it on the letter/prediction I wanted, it would be much better.

I’m keeping fingers crossed this makes it to the Apple app store as it would be a great benefit for people with Ataxia as phones get ever smaller.


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