The ‘Steady Stylus’ & Accessing iDevices

A friend recently introduced me to a guy who does custom jobs making stylusus for people who struggle with regular pogo stylus to access their iDevices.

He sent me a Steady Stylus to try. I can manage the iPad keyboard in landscape as the keys are big enough but some games will only play in portrait mode such as ‘Lexulous’ and ‘Words with friends’, which of course means the keyboard is then smaller for typing messages.  Most games I can manage with finger or a thumb too but browsing websites I often trigger the copy and it highlights the whole page or scrolls up or down suddenly when I didn’t want it to (pic 2)  as if when I accidently touch with more than one finger at once it interprets it as a ‘multi-touch gesture’.

The steady stylus makes it easier to aim at specific target when using weighted wristband or holding one arm down with the other.

The Tikinotes keyboard is easier but I still struggle with built in qwerty one

So I thought it would have some use for me on the iPad and maybe make using standard keyboard easier on the iPhone. As my next option for SMS was possibly Predictable’s iPhone app that has in built ‘touch anywhere to scan’ and it would scan though the qwerty keyboard/word predictions and phrases stored for SMS for me and I’d just touch anywhere on screen when it got to one I wanted to stop it.

predictable app allows you to save phrases for SMS and scans down them.. touch anywhere on screen to stop it on the one you want

This would be great for making pre-stored emergency phrases, which I have only found the abbreviation-expansion feature on Zentap Pro but again the keyboard is too small for me on iPhone.  In an emergency you need to be able to get a message out quickly, as I can only text.. been able to store stuff like my address and which service I require and why would be a huge bonus for texting the emergency services SMS service for hearing/speech impaired.  It would work whether I used a finger,  thumb or stylus to press the screen when it got to letter/phrase/word prediction I needed.

the display is crisp and clear, but very small on iPhone. The ability to 'touch anywhere to scan' makes this app accessible to those with fine motor issues.

The Steady stylus would make it easier for me to use my iPhone out of the iMainGo case when I was just texting and the case was on charge or something or I had taken phone out cos I wanted to take a photo.  It’s also easier for me to slide the zoom along for photo and video with the stylus as I find I can put more pressure on a defined point easier than trying to get a finger/thumb in exact spot on the small screen and press and hold at same time.

I have found it easier to activate the ‘press and hold’ feature on Proloquo2go as well that brings up the auto-conjugations (plurals, past tenses etc)  of words on both the iPhone and iPad with the Steady Stylus.

Ivo (the guy who made it) has also done some other custom work.  Here is the adapted headpointer he did for one client.

and adapted some paintbrushes for one artist to do digital art on iPad

You can buy Ivo’s products here and if you have complex needs feel free to email him to discuss them and he could probably come up with a custom solution for you too.

NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that the ‘scan anywhere’ feature does not work in SMS mode on iPhone. This is because the iPhones’s SMS system is not accessible via scanning/switch access.  You would need to first construct your sentences via scanning if needed and save to ‘My Phrases’, go back into settings and switch to ‘Direct Access’ ..relaunch Predictable, go back to My phrases..directly select sentences to go into SMS.

‘Direct Access’ also includes using a stylus by any means ie an adapted mouthstick/head stylus or T-bar/pogo stick in an hand splint could also be used to tap the screen.


5 thoughts on “The ‘Steady Stylus’ & Accessing iDevices

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  3. Kati, i came across your blog because i am trying to assist a man with cerebral palsy make the most of his iPad 2. The challenge we have involves the point after he hits the home button. The problem is that he can’t get to the slide bar, to unlock the ipad, quickly enough before the screen goes blank again. What can i/we do to get past that? The answer may be obvious, but what am i missing? I really appreciate your help.

  4. Hi

    I have one hand by where I know the slide bar appears as i press the home button. is he able to use both hands or toes?

    As shown in pic the steady stylus can be used as an headstick or mouthstick too, I would need to know how is accessing it?


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