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Trabasack Media Mount

The new Media Mount by Trabasack

The new Media Mount by Trabasack

I first saw this product as a Prototype last year when it was nick named ‘Monti Media’

With all the equipment I have been collecting since my Ataxia started, I tend to prefer to look for things that are more compact if possible and can do more than one thing, to reduce the amount of stuff I have to take around with me.

The Media Mount is designed as a Trabasack accessory for the Connect (Velcro top) surface.  It can be used in a variety of ways.

I found it very good with the iPad so I could feed it through  the raised end and wrap it around to stop it falling off. (shown with original apple iPad case)

useful for supporting and angling an iPad or other communication device

The Prototype had a zip along the length of it so it wasn’t quite as flexible as the finished product now is.   It’s much more flexible without the zip and whilst I couldn’t wrap the ends around the end of the keyboard with the Prototype,  I can with the finished Monti and makes an excellent wrist support for typing with a keyboard.

in front of keyboard for wrist support

It is also useful for carrying anything that could slide off which you couldn’t velcro to the tray like a plate of sandwiches etc

useful for stopping plates sliding off your knee

You can bend it into different positions, its really flexible and can be used as a guide to keep persons hand in specific spot for example around a switch.

can be used for switch training to keep person’s hand within a target area

… or wrap it around a bottle to stop it falling off tray

As its soft and flexible it can be placed inside the Trabasack out of the way if necessary to hang on the back of a chair until needed.  Or it can be left velcroed to the top of it.

I think it’s an excellent product, multi-functional & well thought out. It adds further functionality to the original Trabasack Connect without adding extra weight to it

You can purchase the Trabasack Media Mount from their online store here for £19.99.

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