Inca’s Tribute

To my Dearest Inca


Where do I start? From the moment I first saw you 15 years ago in the rescue kennel, I knew you were the one. You rushed into my arms like you were greeting an old friend and was determined you were coming home with me! Passing all the little tests we had to see if you’d make a good ‘hearing dog’ for me.

Inca when I first got her from rescue


My dad helped me train you, so you were an important link to him after he passed away. You never left my side through all the toughest things I had to go through, you were the only one in my life who was there every single day and every night to snuggle up and kiss away the tears from loss of family, the high & constant pain levels & fatigue, the transition from walking to wheelchair and the battle to get back to semi independence. You learnt everything I needed you to with enthusiasm and without complaint.

She learned to open and close doors

Inca 016


Paw's visit! 006

By the time I was needing a wheelchair full time you were alerting me to phone, doorbell, had already saved my life once when some oven gloves really did catch fire after I’d fallen asleep on the sofa. … and bravely ran off for help one time when my wheelchair tipped over in the park to get a ladies attention and bring her back to me. Not to mention the numerous times you picked up everything I dropped, helped me off with my clothes, emptied the washing machine and dryer for me and just made living independently possible! You were my original canine Angel.

Even accepting your ‘little brother’ JJ and teaching him so you could retire. I know that was so hard for you after having me to yourself for 11 and a half years, but I’m so proud of you for doing that for me! You trained him well, he learned so much from you.

Inca taught him how to do laundry


..tidy up

JJ will miss you too, you’ve been his ‘big sis’ since he was 8 weeks old and I know you had got quite fond of him in the end! He was a big help to you when you started going blind and I know you found comfort in him being by your side too!


You take a huge chunk of my heart with you over to Rainbow Bridge. You were my soul mate., my special girl, my rock, my independence, my life.

My original Canine Angel



I love you and will miss you forever


Mummy xx


9 thoughts on “Inca’s Tribute

  1. Well I am crying my eyes out!! The photos are amazing too. We have all grown to love seeing them both so much. Thank you for sharing with us over the many years such very special friends XXXX

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