Inca’s Story

I was only a wee pup when my mum rescued me from the kennel I found myself in.

I knew she was the one!

I made as much noise as I could so she would notice me,  as the other dogs were big!

The Kennel door opened and I was passed into my mums arms,  I wagged my tail so much I wondered it would drop off and licked her face.  ‘Please take me with you’,  I was saying.

I had to do a little test first it seemed,  I didn’t understand then that my mum-to-be couldn’t hear the things that I could hear,  but I soon realised that I was meant to respond to this squeaking noise which kept occurring,  I pricked my ears up eagerly and prodded ‘mum’ with my paw and barked enthusiastically.  After walking around the gardens on the lead it seems I had passed the test and we went for a ride in a car to my new home!

I learned to alert my mum to smoke alarm,  doorbell and her phone. We would go for long walks and every sunday I got to meet up and run around with lots of other dogs and we did training.          

My mum could walk when I first went to live with her and we enjoyed running about the park and our garden (communal garden attached to flats).  I loved playing ‘tug’ with my rope ball!

I was a cheeky wee thing and once ran off with another neighbours knickers when she had come into the garden to hang her washing out.  They chased me around the garden trying to get them back it was great fun!!!

When I was nearly two,  my mum started having some problems with her legs.  Our walks were shorter and I had to walk really slow,  I got told off for going too fast but it was same speed we went before.

Then mum got this thing called a Scooter it was great fun!  Now we could go on long walks again and I could walk a bit faster as I was always excited to get to the park.

It was fun to have a ride on it too,  one day I was feeling really lazy and pretended to limp and got a ride all the way home!!

Then I thought I best stop limping in case we had to go visit the VET!!

Sadly for me,  this trick never worked again as mum got wise to me!!  But I still get to have a ride on ‘Betsa’ every now and again!!

Soon it got too difficult for mum to manage on the common where we went dog training as the ground was so uneven,  all the games we played there were too easy for me now I was getting bigger,  I needed more of a challenge,  cos I’m a clever girl!

Mum started teaching me other things to help her around the house. I learned to open and close the doors,  pick up things she dropped,  empty the washing machine.  help pull off her clothes,  get socks out of the drawer or put them in,  carry the peg basket.  This was fun and always accompanied by really tasty treats!

Then one day all our stuff got packed into boxes and we got into a big van.  Where we going now? Another adventure?….

10 thoughts on “Inca’s Story

  1. What an incredibly clever dog you are Inca! And yes, it’s important to get treats when you do well. I must say, I think your Mum sounds very inspiring too.

    Me, I’m a cat as you’ll see if you check out my blog. I’m very worried though as Maw and Paw are going out this afternoon and altho they’ve tried to keep it secret from me I know they’re going to the Dogs Trust to look at puppies!! I’m not sure how a cat v dog household will work and anyway – one thing for sure, I’ll be the boss!

    Any tips be grateful Inca.

    Milton x

  2. Oh Inca, what a incredible dog you are!
    Being a dog myself, I understand how hard we work to please our humans, and you’ve gone above and beyond that point!
    Keep helping your ‘mum’ Inca, and tell her its important to get treats for all your hard work. Im sure you make a great team!

    Frankie x

  3. Inca says “Thanks for comments, Mum says thanks for the compliments! Don’t forget to check out part 2 of my story ‘Moving House’. I might also do the occasional blog if i can fit it in my hectic schedule of walks, work and playing with my interactive toys!!” :O)

  4. Hi Kati, I just found your blog today while looking for iPad info. I’m a teacher for students with visual impairments in Virginia. One student I will have this year is a 2nd grader who is blind and has ataxia. I didn’t really know anything about it, so reading your info has been very helpful. I’ll have to come back! Thanks

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