Moving House

Soon the van stopped and they let me out.  I went into this strange place but there were some of my toys already there and my tent in the garden!  I camped out in the garden while these people came in and out with all our furniture.

Mum got me an agility course to play on and a paddling pool,  it was great fun.  Here are some of my favourite pics in my garden!

We like to have picnics in our garden too!

We also live nearer to the nature park,  which before we could only visit if someone took us there by car,  but was difficult to push mums manual wheelchair around.

Now we can go on the scooter and go more often,  its my favourite place to run around the lake and see the ducks.

I like to run in and out of the trees!

This is one of our favourite spots around the lake!

Our new house is easier for mum to manage with wheelchair.

Here’s a few pics of me and my mum!

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