More Than Words

When my Ataxia first started and I was looking for help on what I might need to access my computer,  I found it very difficult to find any.  My local OT only seemed to know about daily living aids and had no advice on how to access computers for people struggling with mouse control and typing.  My speech was also becoming more affected by this stage and as I had an helper in early days,  I found it exhausting trying to speak to her all day to give instructions about what I want to do. I got a second hand Lightwriter SL35 (older model)  just to use to give instructions and chat in car where helper couldn’t look to watch me sign.

My computer at the time was an HP desktop running windows XP and was incredibly slow,  my older iBook which I had bought second hand off ebay ran faster but I was also struggling with typing on that as the older design Macs had keys closer together.

After I spent 3 months researching and finally discovered ‘Keystrokes’ for my iBook which I liked better than the Windows equivalents for my desktop,  I decided to switch my desktop PC to a Mac also and splashed out on an iMac,  Joystick Plus (in place of a mouse)  and the Keystrokes software.

After this, I decided to try and set up a small group on the Dailystrength network,  which I had already joined. I decided to put all the information I had found during my research, so it might help others finding themselves in the same situation and thats’ how my group ‘More Than Words’ started.  The original group can still be found here:

I now also have a ‘More Than Words’ group on Facebook:!/group.php?gid=163707529230

If you use AT (Assistive Technology) or AAC please feel free to join,  or pass on these links to anyone you may know who does.

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