JJ’s Training: 6 month progress

photo       Well my little boy is now 6 months old!.. not so little.. he’s only a few inches off Inca height wise now already!

I try to give him an healthy balance of time to just ‘be a puppy’ with time I need him to learn.. or to start learning, the foundations ofthe skills he is going to need when he takes over from Inca.

As mentioned in the last post I teach them through play.  Sometimes he just does things that turn into a training session,  others I plan what I am going to teach him,  how I am going to incorporate it into a game he will enjoy.. that will carry on to become a useful skill as he gets older.

Recently when we’d had some nice weather I had hung some stuff out.  JJ watching Inca carry the peg basket out into the garden then also wanted to join in!  I got him his own little basket to put his toys in.  he’s not quite got the hang of it yet and drops them but at this early stage that doesn’t matter.  He’s learning the skills he’ll need later to understand how to carry the peg basket out for me.  pick up any pegs I drop and put them back in or pass them to me.



He learns quickly.  After a few incoming phone calls on my minicom he’s relaised Inca gets a treat for going to the phone,  I don’t think he’s realised that she’s getting it just for disappearing from room (to come and tell me if I’m not in the room)  but he’s certainly made some kind of connection between the phone ringing and treats so just goes and sits in front of it and waits for Inca to come back in with me!  😀

He’s come into bathroom barked and run back to kitchen when kettle had clicked off but I think that’s cos I always boil the kettle just before doing their dinner as Inca needs her kibble soaking so he’s made the association between the kettle and their dinner following. I didn’t teach him to do that.

Puppies will be puppies and sometimes run off with things.. I get Inca to go pick something up so he can see and/or hear her getting a treat or big fuss for it.  At first he’d run back in without the item he’d run off with.  I’d get Inca to go fetch it and treat her again.. by that time he’s desperate for one of these treats!..  so I throw or place item on floor closer and wait for him to go for it,  as he did I click and say/sign ‘pick it up’ and then ‘give’ just as he’s getting close enough to give me it in exchange for a treat.   It didn’t take him long to realise he’d get more out of bringing something to me than running off with it and now regularly picks up things I’ve dropped often without me needing to ask.  He doesn’t only associate it with the house or training sessions either,  recently he did it unprompted in the park as I dropped my glove whilst trying to unclip his lead to let him off to play.

I’d spent ages putting together a little slideshow..then found WordPress won’t accept anything other than it’s own which is disappointing after I uploaded 20 pics. If you click on link below, it should take you to it as it seems unable to embed the link in the page anymore either!



I think I maybe trying a better free blog so if anyone knows of one better for free where the links and slideshows on whatever program you have on computer will work, I’ll be interested to know.